Super Split

The wise choice for splitting expenses.

Split bills, create groups, chat and plan future Goa trips - all in one place.

Track Expenses

Keep track of all your shared expenses and who owes whom.

Skip the Awkward Part

Sending payment reminders to friends is awkward. Leave it to us.

Create Groups

Make groups with your friends, flatmates and colleagues.

Add Expenses Easily

Quickly add expenses on the app before you forget and give your friend an excuse.

Settle Payments

Make and receive payments on the app via UPI.

The Hall of SuperSplit Features

  • Add expenses
  • Split expenses
  • Record expenses
  • Split equally
  • Split by percentage
  • Split by shares
  • Offline mode
  • No app download required
  • Create groups
  • Chat with friends
  • Send reminders
  • Settle payments

What can SuperSplit help you with?


Split the house rent and other household expenses among your flatmates easily.

Online Orders

Split Swiggy and BigBasket bills even before your delivery executive arrives.


Split and settle all your group travel expenses.

Don’t Ditch, Go Dutch

Split the bill, not the relationship. Just trust us with the math.


Relax and enjoy your meal, we’ll take care of the bill-splitting part.

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